Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bonjour! Breakfast is here.

Need something to arouse your senses in the morning? Wake up to the aroma-not 'crispy bakery-like bread' display stand. Surely yummy but please do not eat it. Packed in real bread packaging. Hang it on the wall and place cards, newspaper or cooking recipe, for weight up to 300gm.

Entire length: approximately 40cm
Height: approximately 8-10cm
Slit size: 1cm (H), 1.5cm (W)
Pre-orders only. Shipping cost to be advised.

Easy to hang on the wall. Attach it with pins.

Item Name: Loaf Bread on Wall
Item Code: MISC003
Quantity: 2
Price: SGD57

Item Name: Baguette on Wall
Item Code: MISC004
Quantity: 2
Price: SGD57 

Item Name: Epi bread on Wall
Item Code: MISC005
Quantity: 2
Price: SGD57


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