Saturday, September 26, 2009

Phone accessories

While we wait for the pre-orders to end, We have chanced upon this wonderful site for phone accessories. We are overwhelmed by the different gadgets and phone accessories they carry on this online shop, all under one roof! Clapping our hands out loud with glee. Now all these isn't 'mobile-fun'?

Check out this XtremeMac Sportwrap Armband for Apple iPhone! Now you can go running, cycling, inline skating and at the same time not missing a call and enjoying music on the go. Cool, right?

or What about a 'Wildcharge Pad'? Charge your phone just by placing the phone on the pad that is connected to a power source. It is universal and can be used with any phone, music or video player fitted with a Wildcharge Adapter. We're so tempted to get one!

Check it out at:
iphone accessories -
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some popular items are back for re-orders by request. To check the description, please click on the 'item name' to find out more. Pre-order ends on the 30th September' 09.

Item Name: Cherry Magic Lid
Item Code: MISC085
Price: SGD5.50

Item Name: Strawberry Magic Lid
Item Code: MISC013
Price: SGD5.50

Item Code: MISC012
Price: SGD5.50

Item Name: The Tooth Lamp
Item Code: MISC034
Price: SGD55

Item Code: MISC024
Quantity: 1
Price: SGD5

Item Name: Monkey Blower
Item Code: MISC020
Price: SGD11