Saturday, July 12, 2008

'Smurf House' Necklace

The smurfs live in mushroom houses, somewhere in the middle of a deep forest...

"If you got a problem, if you're feeling lonely
everything is smurfing wrong
Try looking on the bright side, smurfing on the right side
troubles will all soon be gone

If you got a long face, don't be such a disgrace
faces shouldn't be so long
Try to smurf it better, forget the story weather
by whistling a happy song... "

Item Code: NEC014
Material: Alloy Plating, Gold Plating
Color: Red
Length: 70cm ; 2.5 x 2cm
Weight: 18gm
Quantity: 1
Price: SGD16
Add SGD1.50 for handling & shipping charges


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